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Friday, May 29, 2015

Introducing... Reece's Pieces!

We have a full line up of guest members this month at The Northern Collective, and we are delighted to include Reece's Pieces with the June group.

Shortly after the birth of Reece's second child an amazing new webpage came out called Pinterest. Gazing at all the beautiful images, she decided to give it a try. This involved learning how to sew and a whole lot of trial and error! The idea for her shop sprouted after she posted a shot of cup cozies she'd made for her children's daycare providers. Mass emails containing pleas for more cozies set everything into action. Reece wasn't particularly drawn to clothing, but when she stumbled on bag making she decided to expand and today continues to make cozies and glasses cases to match her bags.

One of our favourite things about Reece's Peices is that, even when it costs a little more, she always tries to source products that are truly Canadian. Paired with a unique style and top quality materials, it's no wonder her shop has taken off.

Creating functional artwork is therapeutic to Reece. She says she finds it incredibly satisfying to finish an item after many hours of work. Some of them take up to 15 solid hours, but when they are done, Reece loves the feeling she gets as she spreads her beauty out in the world.

Our favourite question was of course posed. What does Reece's Peices love about this country we call home?

I love the diversity in Canada, and the acceptance of differences here. Not to mention all the beauty to be seen in this vast country! 

Her love for Canada is one of the reasons she started Happy Okapi. A site for people buying fabric and supplies, where they can easily buy from the amazing Canadian retailers she's found, with the theory that if we continue to support Canadian retailers, it helps improve availability and price for all.

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