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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Introducing... #1

Today's interview is going to be a little different. You see it's the time of year when we invite a few American artists to join us in our upload. But, this year we've added an element of surprise. Can you guess who our first guest vendor is?

I learned to sew at an early age and always loved the arts. I had made dolls for my sister and myself when I was young but truly entered the craft when my daughter was born. I researched all things natural because I wanted to raise my daughter in a healthy way and came across Waldorf dolls and became hooked.

People began asking for my dolls and on a whim I started selling. Now that I look back I was pretty naïve about doll making as a business. But I absolutely love it and will never give it up.

With Italian in the family blood and a honeymoon in Italy, I fell in love with all things Italian so I chose to name my shop after the Italian words for the principles by which my dolls are made...Play and Love.

My favourite part of owning a shop is creating a personality and designing everything around that. My least favourite part is showing off about my work but that is a necessary part of any successful business so I do it.

When I'm not working in my shop, I'm a mom, a wife, a preschool director/teacher, and a dreamer. The dreamer in me is going on 24-7 behind the scenes always imaging dolls, clothes, stories, pictures to paint, you name it. It's a wonder I ever get any doll work done.

What sets me apart from similar artists is my schooling and background in the arts and I've always been drawn to fashion design, sculpture, texture and colour so I feel these are what have infiltrated into my doll making the most. I love the beauty of contrast in textures and colours, I love the mix of modern and romantic, and simple yet bold and I try to use these in the design my dolls and clothes.

I'm motivated and inspired by art, the act of creating, making something for someone else to enjoy. Literature and literary ideas inspire me greatly too. 

While we obviously couldn't ask this talented lady her favourite thing about Canada, we did the next best thing and asked her, her favourite thing about the States. She says, "I love the vastness of the United States, the blend of cultures, the variety of landscapes. "

"America is a young nation compared to Europe, Asia and Africa. And like all things young, there is the adventure of discovery, of learning, of growing into maturity and truth and learning from mistakes. This is what I value most about being American. We may make mistakes along the way but so has everyone else, but it's the journey that matters, what you learn, and what you become. I try to make the best of my journey."

Can you guess who this amazing lady is?

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